Badin Townhouse Museum Begins Renovation



 Recently, Badin Museum raised funds to purchase an historic Badin Townhouse, known locally as an apartment. The townhouse sits on a lot across from Badin Museum and adjacent to the future home of the Firehouse Museum.

Memberships and donations raised $10,000, enabling the museum to re-roof the townhouse and remove siding, clear trees and stumps from both lots and put in piping to address drainage problems at both sites.

Volunteers have been busy cleaning the interior of the 100-year-old building and a successful paint-scraping party removed most of the exterior coats ready for new coats to be applied.

The museum plans to open the townhouse to the public as an example of an early Badin “apartment” complete with period furniture and appliances from the 1915 to 1920 era. The Badin Museum Committee is currently raising funds for this project and welcomes help from those interested in preserving the history of our town.