Badin Historic Museum News

When the old Alcoa kindergarten building was moved to the Town Park on May 12, 1999 the work began. A wall was torn down, a handicapped accessible bathroom added, floors refinished, walls and woodwork painted and windows fitted with sunlight blocking film.

We ended up with a gleaming interior…and it was completely empty.

Thanks to the generosity of David Summerlin and Jerry Hall we were able to create an interesting display on folding tables around the room.

When we lost a dear friend, Edmar Mitchell, in 2000, we found she had been especially generous to the museum. We were then able, through funds she had left us, to install lighted display cabinets throughout the museum.
Since then we have slowly collected artifacts, added center cabinets for rotating displays and added shelving for storage in our small office.
In February 2003, our center display highlighted the village of West Badin for Black History Month and we had numerous visitors during this time including over 400 children from Badin School.

Other displays have included Badin churches and the Best of Badin Festival and we have plans for many more rotating exhibits.

But we are most proud of our permanent display. A visitor can follow the history of Badin as he or she circles the room. A personal guide gives a brief history of each event. To get an idea of this process, go to our Museum Tour page.

But of course there is nothing like the real thing, so please visit when you can. We are open every Sunday from 2 PM to 5 PM and give private tours by appointment. Call David Summerlin at 704-422-3713, or Bridget Huckabee at 704-422-3873.


If you have any of the following artifacts, please consider donating them to Badin Museum. Your donations are tax deductible.

Hardaway Indian Site commemorative bronze Arrowheads Complete pottery pieces Hardaway Construction Site photos Alcoa: salesman’s sampler Early Alcoa construction photos Early Alcoa construction items Photos of convicts arriving at construction site of Narrows Dam World War I photos, uniforms and medals Old photos of ballparks in Badin and West Badin with teams, etc Photos of Badin fraternal groups, emblems or hats Articles and early photos of West Badin Mementos of West Badin school Badin kindergarten: any photos, mementos, etc. Opera House memorabilia Early activity on Badin Lake Badin Club House Old golf club memorabilia Badin Hospital memorabilia Advertising mementos from Badin businesses Palmerville memorabilia